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Butterfly Handprint Craft

Handprint Crafts: Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly handprint craft is just the activity to review shapes and symmetry with your preschoolers. And the best part about this craft project? Low mess! No scissors needed and only need a glue stick which comes with the Handprint Craft Kit. Now stretch your wings and let’s get creating! 

Butterfly Fun Facts: 

Butterflies may have a short lifespan (only a week or two) but have an incredible defense system against predators. Can you guess what it is? Butterfly wings! To us their gorgeous colors  are eye-catching and stunning. However to predators, their colors and patterns may look frightening. Have you noticed that some butterfly patterns look like eyes? 👀 A great trick to frighten other animals. 

How to Make a Handprint Butterfly

1. Gather the three sheets from the Butterfly envelope and carefully remove each shape. The perforated indentions make this quite easy! 

Materials for handprint butterfly kit


2. Once you have all the shapes, it may be worthwhile to have all the parts organized: hands together, ovals together, etc. And don’t forget to grab the glue stick and googly eyes from the set. 

Separate the perforated shapes from each sheet


3. Let’s create the body of the butterfly first! We’ll overlap the shapes starting with the bottom piece. The order, starting from the bottom, is the orange tear drop, the vertical oval, and the smaller horizontal oval. 

Glue the orange ovals together in a line to create the butterfly body


4.Time to add some details. Attach the antennas by gluing the front bottom portion and slide under the head of the butterfly. Then, glue the eyes. And finally, add the corresponding yellow shapes to the body. 

Attach the antennas, eyes, and yellow patches for the body

5. Give the butterfly flight with the wings! The fun handprints will turn into the wings! Glue the top wings first by gluing the blue hands underneath the body with the thumbs pointing up. 

Glue the blue hands and slide under the body to create the top wings

6. We will complete the wing with the yellow handprints. Thumbs up! Glue on top of the handprints first and then slide under the blue wings. Press to secure in place. 

Glue the yellow hands and slide underneath the blue wings


7. Make your butterfly unique by applying the dots next! Decide if you want your butterfly to have mirror symmetry, like mine, or to be a-symmetrical and mix around the placement.

Glue the small circles on the wings to create a dot pattern


8. Finish your beautiful butterfly with a cute smile using a marker. What name do you give your butterfly?

Complete your butterfly by drawing a curved smile


Watch the video below to see how quickly and fun you can create your own handprint butterfly! 

Create more garden animals with the Handprint Craft Kit! Templates, googly eyes, markers, glue stick, and instructions are all included! 

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