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Butterfly Pipe Cleaner

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids: Butterfly

Who doesn’t love twisting pipe cleaners into swirly shapes? The butterfly pipe cleaner craft is perfect for young ones practicing fine motor skills including twisting, curling, and assembly! Googly eyes are included in the Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit which gives your charming fluttering friend a sweet personality. Follow along on how to create Butterfly with the steps below! 

🦋Butterfly Fun Fact: 

Did you know? Butterflies taste with their feet! When you see them flying from flower to flower, they may just be taste-testing sweet nectar. 

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Butterfly

1. For this project, you’ll need one black, one purple, and one pink pipe cleaner. Or any colors you would like for your butterfly wings! You’ll also need a pair of scissors and a ruler. 

Materials for butterfly pipecleaner


2. Cut the black cleaner in half and cut the others around the 7 inch mark ( a little over halfway). Save the smaller bits for a second butterfly later on!

Cut the pipe cleaners in half


3. Twist the pink and purple pipe cleaner in the middle to form an X. Make sure the colors match side to side! 

Twist the purple and pink pipe cleaner together in the middle to form an X

4. Time to curl! Curl the pipe cleaners in a swirl. I found twisting the left side counter-clockwise and the right side clockwise creates a nice symmetrical pattern. 

Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner to form the butterfly wings


5. Fold the black pipe cleaner in half to make the letter V. This will become the body and the antenna of the butterfly.

Slide the black pipe cleaner through the butterfly wings and begin to twist up. Stop when you get to the top of the butterfly wing. And split the black pipe cleaner back to the letter V. Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner down to make the cute antennas! 

Slide the black pipe cleaner in between the butterfly wings to form the body and antennas



6. Let’s add some eyes! The Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit includes glue dots with the eyes. TIP: Apply the glue dot to the back of the googly eye first. It will be easier to remove the paper backing from the glue dot once the other sticky side is on the eye. 

Use the glue dots to apply the googly eyes to the butterfly


7. Do you remember our pipe cleaner flower arrangement? Let’s have Butterfly hovering over the beautiful flowers. You can do this by inserting another pipe cleaner through the back of the butterfly’s body and twisting it in place. Tada! You now have a whole nature scene! 

Add a pipe cleaner to your butterfly to stick into your pipe cleaner flower arrangment


8. Don’t forget, you may have some extra pipe cleaner parts. Make a whole family of butterflies! 

Create multiple with left over pipe cleaners!

Create Butterfly and other fun insects with the Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit! The perfect gift to give a creative and curious young one.

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Don't take our word for it - see how easy this craft is to make by viewing the video below!

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