Chicken Paper Cup Craft: Farmyard Animal

Chicken Paper Cup Craft: Farmyard Animal

Learning about farmyard animals with your children? Don’t leave out the chicken! This simple DIY craft can make learning fun. Your kiddos will enjoy personalizing their creation and you're sure to enjoy the low-mess, cost-efficient craft project. Download the free template and let’s begin!

Chicken Paper Cup Craft for Toddlers and Elementary Students


How To:

1. Starting Off!

Cut out the pieces from the free template above. If your child is cutting out the shapes, make sure to monitor the small corners for little fingers getting in the way. And the pieces don't have to be perfect. Let your child's creativity shine!

I chose a yellow-orange cup for the project, but any sunny color will do! Don't forget the googly eyes or draw your own.

Materials for Paper Cup Chicken


2. Cut and Fold

With the cut-out pieces, fold along the highlighted lines. The colorful sides of the tab is where the glue goes. It'll make the process easy!

After cutting out the template, fold along the highlighted lines


3. Putting the Pieces Together

Let's bring this animal to life by gluing the eyes, beak, and feet next! For the feet, remember to glue the folded tab on the colorful side and press from the inside of the cup. The feet will stick out from underneath. 

Glue the details


4. The Comb

What's that left over wavy piece? It's the comb of the chicken! It's a statement piece most all chickens have. Fun Fact: the comb helps chickens cool when it's hot outside.

Now that you know what it is, lets add that next! Glue the comb to the top, formerly the bottom, of the cup.

Glue the comb to the top of the cup



This adorable chicken can be added to your child's craft farmyard animal collection. If you're interested in creating more fun paper cup animals with your child, take a look at our Paper Cup Craft Kit which includes supplies and instructions!

Chicken Paper Cup Craft


Take a look on how to make Paper Cup Chicken with this video!

Link to Craft Paper Cup Animals
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