Spy Kit for Kids

Create a Secret Gadget

Spy Kit: Mission 13

CALLING ALL AGENTS: Spies always seem to have the right tool for the job. With this activity, you will create your own multi-tool secret gadget! You will use this gadget to decode messages and also is a magnifying glass! 

How to Make a Secret Gadget

1. In the Mission 13 Envelope, you will find two gadget cards, red film, blue film, magnifying film, plastic fastener, and glue dots. 



2. Carefully remove the perforated gadget cards from each sheet and remove the dots from the bottom of each card. 


3. Take one of the cards with the hold cut out and add 2 glue circle to each of the 4 sides of white side of the cutout hole. Secure the red film in between the window and sandwich the gadget card down. Repeat for the blue film and magnifying glass. HINT: place a book on top to hold in place while the glue is drying - if you are using a glue stick instead of glue dots.   


4. Find the card with the white dots and attach glue circles to each of the white dots - we’re going to make DIY sand paper!


5. HINT: Bring out a plate for this next part to help lessen the mess! Spring the whole bag of sand filling of the glue circles and press the sand into the glue to create  a square of sandpaper. Keep moving the sand and pressing onto the glue circles.


6. Let’s put it all together now! Stack each folded card one on top of the other. The two blank folded cards are your front and back covers. 


7. Secure the cards together with the plastic fastener...


🔎You’re ready to decode! Take a look at the activity sheets in Envelope 13 and activate your gadget!  


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