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Crystal Flower Night Light Kit, Part 2

Make Your Own Night Light Kit

Create a magical masterpiece with the Crystal Flower Night Light Kit! Turn off the lights and see your creation come to life! Once you’ve crystalized your pipe cleaner objects, let’s assemble all the pieces together and see the final look. 

Materials Included:

Each kit comes with full color, easy-to-follow instruction manual with a choice of 14 pretty flowers, butterflies, and other shape tutorials to choose from, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, crystal-chemical, a beaker, a growing cup, spoon, thread, colorful gems, a shatter-proof mason jar with fairy lights and a carry handle. *You will need 2 AAA batteries and a micro screwdriver 

How to Make a Night Light Jar

1. Gather all the materials from the kit including your crystalized pipe cleaner forms. I’ve created three: a star, carnation, and rose. For the handle, I’ve made a pipe cleaner butterfly which you can find instructions on how to make in the manual or check out the Pipe Cleaner Butterfly blog! 

Materials for Crystal Flower Night Light


2. Lights, Camera, Actions! Take the lid from the jar flip it over to the back. Remove the battery holder topper by using a micro screwdriver to remove the screw. Insert two AAA batteries and place the topper back on.  Press the black button on the top of the lid and let’s get these twinkle lights to shine!

Insert batteries into the li


3. Pour the package of stones into the jar to make a colorful foundation for your crystal creations. 

Pour package of colorful stones into the jar 

4. Gently place your pipe cleaner crystals into the jar and range how you would like it. 

Gently place your pipe cleaner crystals into the jar 

5. Weave the twinkle lights into the jar by pushing the lights as close to the bottom as possible. Spiral the lights up till the lid can be twisted on the jar. TIP: Use one of the popsicle sticks to help push and place the strand of lights into place. 

Weave the twinkle lights into the jar


6. Time to decorate the handle! There is an assortment of pipe cleaners left and so many decoration possibilities! Let your creativity take over. One option is to take a few different colors and twist them together. 

Decorate the handle with pipe cleaners


7. Loop your pipe cleaners around the handle and secure tightly on either end. Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner to twist the butterfly to the handle. 

Attach the pipe cleaner butterfly to the handle 

8. Your science experiment has been transformed into a work of art. Test it out in a dark room!

Completed night light, test it out in the dark!

Take a look at this to see a time-lapsed video of assembling the night light!



Create your own Crystal Flower Night Light ! This is the perfect STEAM gift that will spark creativity and ingenuity for young minds. Not to mention, create a beautiful and functional art! link to Flower Crystal Night Light Kit

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