Diamond Painting Light Lamp Trendy Craft for Kids Elementary

Diamond Painting Light, the Trendiest Craft for Kids!

Create a beautiful illuminated masterpiece with the Diamond Painting Light. Turn off the lights and see your creation come to life! Each kit comes with two styles for you to choose from - pick one or create both! The perfect gift for a young one who has an ambitious imagination and an eye for color. It’s an art piece with functionality that even adults will enjoy. 

Gather Around! 

Here are the materials for your diamond painting project: lamp base, stylus pen, gems, 2 plastic sleeves, tray, and wax square

Diamond Painting Lamp Materials

Let’s Create!

1. Choose your design and gently peel back the protective film. Also, remove the protective film for the pink wax square.  I nearly forgot this step the first time, no judgment from me if you did the same! Be sure to keep both film pieces for when you need to take a break.



2. Take the stylus and press the tip into the wax square. This is how you will pick up these little gem pieces. Feel free to reapply more wax as you go along.


3. Pick up a gem with the stylus and place it on the section of the design you wish to cover. Be creative! Choose whichever colors you’d like in the design. The gems can be placed as tight together or far apart as you’d like. If creating this with a youngster, I’d recommend placing the gems a little further apart.


4. Once you’ve completed one side and one top circular design. Smooth the gems over with the protective sheet to ensure each gem is stuck nicely in place. I would go ahead and bend the design, with gems facing out, and attached using the tabs.


5. Don’t plug your lamp in yet! It’s tempting I know, but wait till the very end for safety and a grand finale! Remove the outer ring of the lamp and slide the design inside the lamp base.


6. Place your circular design on top of the lamp and twist the ring back on top. 



And the moment we’ve all been waiting for…Lights, Camera, Action!

The illumination will leave your jaw dropping! It’s whimsical and cute but wait till you see it when it’s fully dark…

I was stunned by the cascading pattern on the wall and ceiling. Pictures simply do not give it justice! You’ll have to watch the video to see for yourself! 

Isn’t this the coolest art project? My inner child is beaming with delight. You can create and enjoy this at home by purchasing Diamond Painting Light. The kit includes everything! Your child will enjoy making it and will fall asleep under the lights of their own creation. Not many craft projects are multi-purposeful like this. 

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