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Dragonfly Pipe Cleaner

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

Create a whimsical dragonfly pipe cleaner craft with your little ones. It’s easy to make,  a great activity to practice fine motor skills, and your child will love to make it! Not to mention it’s an adorable craft you can put on display afterward. Follow along on how to create dragonfly pipe cleaner with the steps below! 

Dragonfly Symbolism🍀🥠🔮🎱🐞🌈🦋🙏

Most dragonflies can be found near freshwater beds, such as streams and rivers. They hover over the water with elegance and grace. For some, they are symbols of good luck and fortune! Make a wish next time you see one!

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Dragonfly

1. Select two colors you would like your dragonfly to be! You’ll also need scissors, a ruler, and googly eyes. 


2. Dragonflies have two sets of wings, so let’s cut the pipe cleaners down to size. Cut each color pipe cleaner down to 3 inches. Save all the pieces though, we'll need them later!


3. To create the body, will use the two small pieces of pipe cleaner and twist them together. keep twisting until you have about a third left from each color.



4. With one of the longer pipe cleaners, bring the ends to the middle and twist. It should look like a figure eight. Form the wing shape of your choice And repeat the steps with the second long pipe cleaner.


5. Place the wings one on top of another over the body of the dragonfly. Attach the wings by twisting them around the body. HINT: Or try this technique instead! Use extra pipe cleaners from previous projects and wrap them around the wings to secure in place - like a twisty tie. 


6. For the final steps, curl the antennas at the top and add googly eyes with glue dots.

Dragonfly is your new Good Luck Charm! What do you wish for?


Take a look on how to create Dragonfly from start to finish!



Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

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