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Fish Handprint Craft

Handprint Crafts: Fish

What creature loves water so much that its gills help them breathe in water? The fish of course! Spark interest in your toddler and preschoolers of life under the sea by creating this fun and simple fish handprint craft! 


🐟Fish Fun Facts: 

Unlike humans who are warm-blooded, fish are cold-blooded! But there are three fish out of the 30,000 different types of fish that are actually warm-blooded: tuna, mackerel, and the opah fish. 


How to Make a Handprint Fish

1. To get started, you’ll need the sheet of shapes, one googly eye, and a glue stick. 

 Materials for fish handprint craft


2. Carefully remove the perforated shapes from the sheets. I recommend you pushing out the hand and your kiddo take out the fun circle shapes!

Carefully remove perforated shapes from sheet 

3. Find the heart-shaped piece. Apply glue on top, but only on the side with the curve - the opposite side with the two curved mounds are the fish lips! Take the yellow and place it in front of you with the fingers to the left. Place the lips under the hand, opposite from the fingers. Glue the googly on the palm close to the lips.

Turn the hand to the side and glue the lips on the side of the palmGlue googly eye! 

4. For the fun part! Glue the circles on the palm of the hand in any order to make the scales! The scales can be in a pattern or placed sporadically. Let your kiddo be creative! 

Glue the dots on the fish to make scales

5. The fun fish is ready to swim! What other sea-faring creatures might Fish see?

Fish with Crab hand print craft  

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