Heart Wand Pipe Cleaner

Heart Wand Pipe Cleaner

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids: Heart Wand


Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids: Wands

It’s a dreary day and you are stuck indoors with the kids. What do you do?? Grab a couple of pipe cleaners and make some fun yet simple wands! Let your children's imaginations run free with the heart wand in hand. Or better yet, take out the whole Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit and create the pipe cleaner star wand and pipe cleaner lollipop next. A rainy day pick-me-up bouquet! 

Pipe cleaner bouquet of wands

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Heart Wand: 

1. If you are looking for simplicity and low mess - this is the craft for you! Grab a pipe cleaner, or two, or three! One pipe cleaner per wand. 

2. Form a circle in the center of the pipe cleaner and twist to secure it. This one is about the size of a silver dollar or walnut. Continue to twist the pipe cleaners together to form the base of the wand. 

Form a circle in the center of the pipe cleaner and twist down


3. Turn the balloon into a heart! Press the top center of the circle down to create a point and pinch to shape. 

Pinch the top center to form heart shape


4. Make multiple heart wands and test out different heart sizes! 

Make multiple wands with different size hearts

Check out this video to see how to make it from start to finish:



Enjoy making this craft? Create more simple pipe cleaner crafts with your toddler with the Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit! There are more magical crafts to make! 

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