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Hedgehog Handprint Craft

Hedgehogs are unique and curious creatures. They look cute and friendly but mind the quills! If hedgehogs feel threatened they’ll stretch out their spikey quills to protect themselves. Teach your kindergartener more about hedgehogs as you create this easy hedgehog craft!

Why are Hedgehogs Called Hedgehogs? 🦔

The name hog usually references mammals with snouts such as pigs and boars. The hedgehog looks like a mini pig! And why hedge? You can find hedgehogs living beneath hedges and other bushy plants! 

How to Make a Handprint Hedgehog:

1. Find the Hedgehog envelope in the Handprint Crafts Kit! You’ll find the perforated sheets. Inside the kit, you’ll also need to select a googly eye and grab the glue stick!


2. Carefully remove the shapes from the perforated sheets. The corners can be tricky, so you may need to help your kiddo with this part. 


3. Whoops! Accidentally tore a section? Don’t worry, the shapes are made of thick cardstock, so you can simply glue the color part back on! 


4. Let’s add the handprint quills! Glue each handprint at the bottom and slide under the body of the hedgehog.


5. Overlap the handprints until all are attached! 


6. Don’t forget to glue the googly eye for Hedgehog to see 👀…


Hedgehog is complete! Hedgehogs are nocturnal so find him a good spot to sleep during the day so he can roam at night! 

Take a look at how to put Hedgehog together from start to finish in this video!



Handprint Crafts for Kids

To make the other tropical animals and many others, consider purchasing the Handprint Craft Kit. Little to no mess and all parts of the kit are included, even the googly eyes!   

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