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Topical Animals: Handprint Monkey

Handprint crafts are a fun way for your young children to explore shapes, animals, and creativity! Monkeys are always a favorite and a great way to introduce jungle animals. Make learning fun with these simple step-by-step instructions. 

🐵Fun Facts: 

Monkeys live in the jungle and more commonly in the rainforest. What is a rainforest? A rainforest is a habit that is known for its lush greenery and humid, warm atmosphere. Trees grow very tall and many types of animals live there. Like Monkey, who we are about to make!


How to Make Monkey:

1. The handprint Craft Kit comes with a variety of animal projects nicely package in individual envelopes. Open the Monkey one and let’s begin! You have three sheets of perforated shapes. So helpful and no need for scissors! The kit also comes with a variety of googly eyes, a glue stick and marker.


2. Carefully pull a part each some from the page. For younger children, have them remove the easier shapes, like circles, while you focus on the handprint. Pull apart the leafy greens for Monkey’s treat! And don’t forget the tail! Very important for Monkey’s balance high in the trees. 


3. Next it’s time to glue! Gather the pieces to create Monkey’s face. Take the yellow piece and glue it on top of the head. Then glue the yellow circles on top of the orange circles for the ears. 

TIP: Place glue on the ear and slide it under the head. This way you won't have excess glue on the back of the head. 


4. Flip the hand upside-down, glue the head on top and glue the tail underneath to the side. Remember the leafy snack for our friend? Glue the leaves on top of the green branch.


5. Select googly eyes of any style. I went with the cute small round ones.


6. Draw a smile. A curved smile to the side looks especially friendly. Some nostrils might be nice too. 

Monkey is complete and as happy as can be! 


Follow along with this video for more instructions on how to create Monkey!  

Create Monkey and the rest of the rainforest animals with Handprint Craft Kit. You will literally have ALL materials in the kit. No frantic searching for the missing scissors and glue stick. It’s all here ready to go!

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