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Ladybug Handprint Craft

Handprint Crafts: Ladybug 

ūüźě¬†Ladybug Ladybug fly away home. A¬†famous nursery rhyme for a very¬†famous insect. Ladybugs are not only eye-catching but are defenders of plants! They protect plants by eating invasive bugs. Your toddler will love learning more about ladybugs while creating their own ladybug craft to play with!¬†

Ladybugs - Nature’s Protector

Ladybugs eat aphids and aphids eat sap from trees, fruit, vegetables, and flowers which deteriorates the plant. No wonder ladybugs symbolize good fortune, protection, and healing.

How to Make the Ladybug Handprint Craft:

1. Pull out the envelope from the Handprint Craft Kit with ‚Äúladybug‚ÄĚ on the sticker. This craft kit is so organized and convenient. You won't need to stumble through card stock piles to fit the right parts, it‚Äôs all together for you in each envelope!

Materials for ladybug craft


2. Carefully remove each perforated shape from each page. I would recommend having your young one remove the circles. They are the easiest and the little circles are fun to pop out!

Remove perforated shapes from all three pages

3. Oh no! I got too excited and accidentally tore an antenna. If you are working on this project with an older child, here’s a great life lesson: not to sweat the small stuff. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again! Most all mistakes can be fixed. This antenna just needs a little glue and all is well. 

Mistakes happen! Glue back together any broken pieces

4. Once all the shapes are collected, add the red hands first to the large circle. This will become the wings. Place the hands so the thumbs are on the top. Another lesson to consider is symmetry! Show your kiddo how the hands are exactly the same but as in a mirror image. 

Glue hands to the large circle  

5. Take the medium-sized circle and place it on top of the body. The head should stick out about halfway on top of the body. 

Glue the medium circle on top of the body

6. The broken antenna is now dry and ready to be added next. TIP: Glue the front-bottom section of the antenna, side under the head, and press down. 

Glue antenna underneath the head of the ladybug

7. Glue the eyes on the head, let’s let Ladybug see her beautiful dot design being created.

Glue hands to body of the ladybug


8. Remember we talked about symmetry? Try placing the dots with mirror symmetry! OR if you are feeling extra creative, place the dots a-symmetrical (meaning not exactly the same on either side). 

Glue the dots on the red wings of the ladybug

9. Ladybug is complete and ready to take on the evil forces of aphids and define all plants of the world! *Cue superhero theme song*

Handprint ladybug is complete!

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