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Monkey Pipe Cleaner

They swing from tree to tree, fun and fancy free! Monkeys are known for their incredible agility and playful demeanor. Follow the steps below on how to create a Monkey from pipe cleaners! And of course, let’s not forget a snack for our little buddy - a pipe cleaner banana. 

🐒 What do Monkeys do for Fun? 

Just like humans, monkeys love to have fun! A group of monkeys is called a troop or a barrel, and you may often see young monkeys play fighting, chasing each other, or jokingly steal food from each other. 

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner 

1. For this craft you’ll need one yellow pipe cleaner, two light brown pipe cleaners, two googly eyes, glue dots, and a pair of scissors. You’ll also need a pen or marker to help make coils!

2. Trim one of the brown pipe cleaners into smaller sizes to make the arms, legs, and monkey ears: two pieces at 3 inches, two pieces at 1.5 inches. Also cut the yellow pipe cleaner for Monkey’s banana treat at 1.5 inches. 


3. Bend the pieces next! With the two larger cut brown pipe cleaners, bend into a V shape and the smaller brown pieces bend into C shapes. Just slightly bend the yellow pipe cleaner on end going inwards. 


4. Make a coil! With the uncut brown pipe cleaner and a pen, form a coil but just in the middle of the pipe cleaner. Slide the pipe cleaner off the pen. 


5. Time to make this coil into the body of the monkey! With one end, curl into a swirl to make the head. And of course, a monkey needs a tail! Bend the remaining straight end slightly upward and and complete with a small curl. 


6. Let’s lay out all of our pieces to visualize the next steps. The V shapes will become the legs and arms, the C shape pieces will become ears. The banana can be held in Monkey’s hand.

7. Attach the legs and arms by feeding the pieces through the coil. Twist to secure and bend the ends slightly upward to create the feet and hands. 



8. Place the C shapes on top of the head. Curl the ends over the outer swirl to hold in place. TIP: Struggling to get the ears on? Use glue dots to attach instead! 


9. Add the final details! With glue dots, attached the googly eyes and place the banana in hand!


Monkey is ready to explore the jungle!


See how to make Monkey from start to finish:


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