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Paper Cup Craft: Modest Mouse

Easy Craft for Kids

For one so small, the mouse has a mighty appetite! Mice are usually seen as pests because they can sneak into homes and other buildings. But really, they’re just looking for some sweet and salty bites! Create this fun craft with your preschooler or elementary student and download the FREE Mouse Template. Let’s make this modest mouse!

link to free template download for mouse craft


Are Mice Really Attracted to Cheese? 🐭🧀

Mice love a little bit of everything! Do they like cheese? Yup! But they enjoy pieces of bread and sweet things like chocolate the best. 

How to Make a Paper Cup Mouse:  

1. Once you have downloaded and cut out the shapes from the free template, you’ll also need to gather a few additional items: googly eyes, a pipe cleaner, two paper cups, glue, and a pompom for the nose. 

Materials for mouse paper cup craft


2. Flip one of the cups upside-down and place it on the table. Apply glue to the rim of this cup and attach the second cup on top (right-side up). The cup on the table is the body and the cup on top is the head!

Glue the cups together in a stack (bottoms together)


3. The mouth even has a nice pair of teeth. Did you know? A mouse’s teeth never stop growing! Glue the mouth down and the eyes above it. Also, glue the pompom in between the eyes and mouth. Don’t have a pompom? No problem! You can draw a cute nose with the marker instead. The ears will be glued from the inside of the cup. 

Glue details on the cup, ears, eyes, pompom nose, and mouth

4. Take a pipe cleaner and slightly bend both ends to form the arms. Curl the very ends of the pipe cleaner to make hands. Place glue on the back of your mouse and press the middle of the pipe cleaner to it so that the arms stretch around the body. Press and hold for about 10-15 seconds. 

Create the mouse arms out of a pipe cleaners and glue to the bottom from the behind


5. Draw the mouse's iconic whiskers with your marker! 

Draw whiskers with a marker

6. Mouse is ready to scavenge for delicious treats before he gets caught! 

Completed mouse paper craft

Take a look on how to create this modest mouse from start to finish!


If you are looking for fun and creative activities for your younger children, look no further! The Paper Cup Craft Kit includes 16 activities and includes the cut-out pages in cardstock, googly eyes, and the cups! The best part about this craft kit is its multi-purposeful! Use it for educational purposes or to improve fine motor skills. link to mouse paper cup craft for kids

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