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Paper Plate Butterfly

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids: Butterfly

Butterflies never cease to amaze. They flutter from flower to flower and their colorful wings are not one to miss. If your child has discovered this amazing creature, a Paper Plate Butterfly Craft is for you! Paper plate crafts are great for toddlers and preschoolers - fun to make, low mess, and a fun play object your kiddo can keep afterward!

🦋Butterfly Fun Fact:

Butterflies are intelligent bugs, they not only can scope out nectar in flowers and pollinate plants but they also can migrate south for the winter. Quite the travel pros! 

How to Make a Paper Plate Butterfly:

1. Collect your materials from the kit and the Bright Butterfly envelope. You’ll find a yellow plate, purple pipe cleaner, and perforated shapes that you’ll need to carefully push out. 


2. We’ll create the body of the butterfly with the red square. Transform the square into a cylinder by bringing two opposite sides together. Secure with glue or tape. 


3. Cut your paper plate in half - this will become the wings!


4. Then, cut the pipe cleaner in half and curl the ends to create the antennas! Poke the pipe cleaners through the body of the butterfly. TIP: Pinch the body of the butterfly in a small section. Take scissors and cut along to pinch; this slot you've created will be easier to slide the pipe cleaner into. 


5. Bend the bottom of the pipe cleaner and secure it with glue to keep the antenna in place. Glue the googly eyes underneath the antennas Look how cute it is already!

6.  Cut along the straight edge of the yellow halves of paper plates in a curving motion. This will look more like wings! Glue the rim of the plates to either side of the body. 


Your beautiful bright butterfly is ready to take flight! 


Watch how to create the butterfly from start to finish below:


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