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Paper Plate Chicken

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for new fun arts & crafts for kids 2 - 5 years old? Look no further! The Paper Plate Craft Kit will spark imagination and help refine those fine motor skills. Each activity is organized into envelopes with a different animal as the theme. Let’s take a look at the first animal the chicken!  

What is interesting about a chicken?

Chickens have great memories! They can remember nearly every type of experience and are great and solving memory puzzles, especially if a treat is involved. 

How to Make a Paper Plate Chicken

1. Open the Chicken Activity envelope and pull out all the materials, including googly eyes and a glue stick that comes in the kit! 

Materials for chicken paper plate craft


2. Carefully remove each perforated shape from the sheet and set them aside for now. 

Carefully remove perforated shapes from the sheet

3. Place the white plate in front of you, face up. Let’s turn this into a cracked egg! Grab some scissors and cut the plate in half in a zig-zag line for your kiddo. TIP: Make this a learning experience! Imagine an invisible line in the middle of the plate. Draw a series of dots above and below that invisible line. Have your child connect the dots by drawing a line up to one dot and down to the other! 

Draw dots up and down along the middle of the plate. Connect the dots to make zig zags

Cut the middle of the paper plate in a zig zag


4. Once you’ve cut the plate, flip it over! This will cover up your drawing lines and the egg will become 3D. Bring the yellow plate towards you. Glue one of the white pieces along the bottom of the yellow plate. 

Flip one piece of the white plate and glue at the bottom of the yellow plate

5. Time to glue on some details! Glue the googly eyes in the yellow area. Fold the orange beak in half (orange sides touching); glue one backside of the beak to the yellow area. And last, but not least, glue the wings on the sides of the chick from underneath. 

Glue on the facial details and wings on the side

6. Let’s add the top part of the egg, like a hat! If you are having difficulty gluing this part down - don’t worry, you have a mini tape dispenser in your kit too! Curl a piece of tape underneath the egg cap and glue it on top of the chicken at an angle. 

Attached the second white plate on top of the yellow plate. Use glue or tape

7. You’re Cheery Chicken is ready to play with your toddler! 

Complete cheery chicken!

Create your own Cheery Chicken and the rest of her friends with the Paper Plate Craft Kit! Craft and design 9 animal characters from paper plates and a variety of different shapes. This is a fantastic gift to give your young ones that will keep them entertained for hours! link to paper plate craft kit
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