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Paper Plate Glamour Fish

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids 

Are you looking for new fun arts & crafts for kids 2 - 5 years old? Look no further! The Paper Plate Craft Kit will spark imagination and help refine those fine motor skills. Each activity is organized into envelopes with a different animal as the theme. Let’s dive into the water and take a look at the Glamour Fish. Follow along!

🐟Fun Fish Facts:

Some fish swim at a leisurely pace while others are super speedy. For example, the sailfish can swim up to 68 miles an hour! Next time you are on the highway, image a fish swimming alongside the car and keeping up with the speed of traffic. That’s fast!

How to Make a Paper Plate Fish

1. Open the Glamour fish envelope and take out its contents, you’ll also need one googly eye and a glue stick! Carefully remove the perforated shapes from each sheet. 


2. Let’s glue the yellow body of the fish onto the white paper plate. These scales are bright and colorful and will help our fish swim fast in style! 


3. What else will make our fish move fast? The tail fin! Place glue on the top left side of the tail fin and hold it in place under the white plate. 


4.The dorsal fin is the top fin that looks like clouds. Glue that to the top of your fish. TIP: Glue on the front and back of the dorsal fin and sandwich between the yellow body and plate to make it secure. 


5. Add the small ventral fin at the bottom of the fish. Then, add the lips and googly eye to the side.  


6. Your Glamour Fish is ready for a speedy swim! 

Create your own Glamour Fish and the rest of her friends with the Paper Plate Craft Kit! Craft and design 9 animal characters from paper plates and a variety of different shapes. This is a fantastic gift to give your young ones that will keep them entertained for hours! link to paper plate craft kit

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