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Paper Plate Happy Whale 

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids 

The largest mammal in the ocean, majestic and serene - its the whale! Your child will have fun creating this paper plate craft while learning more about one of the oldest living mammal species. Paper Plate Crafts are simple and can help your kiddos practice fine motor skills. Find the Happy Whale envelope in the Paper Plate Craft Kit and let's get started! 

🐋A Whale of a Tale with a Song or Two

Did you know? Whale’s like to sing! They create songs to communicate whether to attract a mate or find food. A whale’s song can be heard for miles and sometimes are as long as 30 minutes! 

How to Make a Paper Plate Whale

1. Collect all of your materials including the Happy Whale envelope, two googly eyes, glue stick, and scissors. 


2. Take the white paper plate and roll into a cylinder. Glue the edges together to hold in place. TIP: The paper plate kit includes a small tape dispenser! I would recommend using tape instead of glue. 


3. With the black paper plate, curl around the white cylinder you’ve just created. Hold in plate with glue or tape. The body of the whale is coming together! 


4. Cut the pipe cleaners into three pieces, they don’t have to be exactly the same. Curl the pipe cleaners at the end. These pieces will become the water spouting out of the whale’s blow hole. Whales breath water and need to come out to the surface to collect air. 


5. Pinch the top of the whale body and cut a small snip with scissors. Insert the pipe cleaner water swirls into the hole. Phew! Now your whale can breath!


6. Let’s make our shark mobile for the ocean - glue the tail fin to the back of the body. 


7. Glue the spots of the whale on either side of the body along with the eyes and fins. 


8. Our Happy Whale is ready for fun and maybe will sing a song. What does your whale song sound like?

Your kiddo's creation also makes for a cute display piece! 



There’s more fun and creative paper plate craft animals to be created! Order the Paper Plate Craft Kit! This is a fantastic gift to give your young ones that will keep them entertained for hours while encouraging creativity and wonder! link to paper plate craft kit

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