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Paper Plate Polar Bear

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Far up in the northern part of the world is where polar bears live! They are able to keep warm in their white coats of fur in frigid temperatures! Why not create a polar bear lesson plan combined with a fun arts & crafts project? The paper polar bear paper plate craft is fun and easy with very little mess. Check out the instructions below! 

🐻‍❄️  Polar Bear Fun Facts

Polar Bears are excellent swimmers! In fact, they can swim for days at a time. Puts a new meaning to the phrase Polar Bear Plunge!

How to Make a Paper Plate Polar Bear

1. Gather your materials from the Chilly Polar Bear envelope from the Paper Plate Craft Kit. Choose two googly eyes and grab a glue stick! You’ll also need a pair of scissors.


2. Carefully remove the perforated shapes from the sheet. TIP: Keep the sheet afterwards! This is a great template for tracing for shape drawing practice or other projects in the future! 


3. We’ll need to cut the paper plate into the perfect polar bear shape. Use a ruler or estimate the contour line of the polar bears belly and arms. Draw a line a little below the center of the plate, about 2.5 inches long. Draw a line at an angle from both ends until you reach the ridges of the plate. Add two final lines straight over the ridges. 


4. Carefully cut along the line with a pair of scissors. The larger half is the body and feel free to discard the smaller half.  


5Time to bring all the pieces together by gluing the shapes onto the plate! Let’s start with the circular shape head. Glue the circle in the plate near the bottom so it hangs paste the plate. Paste the ears behind the head and the paws on either side of the plate. 


6. Glue the cheeks right on top of the mouth line. This will add a little character to our Chilly Polar Bear!


7. And for the final touch, glue the googly eyes! Our cute Polar Bear is ready for a dive into the icy waters. 

See how to make the Paper Plate Polar Bear in the video below!


There’s more fun and creative paper plate craft animals to be created! Order the Paper Plate Craft Kit! This is a fantastic gift to give your young ones that will keep them entertained for hours while encouraging creativity and wonder! 



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