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Paper Plate Shy Fish

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Where 2D art meets 3D, it’s the shy paper plate fish! Do you have a kindergartener that loves hands-on projects and is fascinated by animals? Then this is the project for you! The Shy Fish craft project encourages creativity and strengthens an engineering mind. 

How do Fish Show Camouflaging?

Let’s help our shy fish with some camouflage! We’ll paint the scales to help Shy Fish hide in the water. Did you know - some fish can polarize the light streaming through the water with their scales? Basically, it means that some fish almost look invisible in the water! This disguise is great to hide from predators. 

How to Make a Paper Plate Shy Fish

1. Collect the materials from the Shy Fish envelope. You’ll also need the paint set, brushes, googly eyes and glue stick. 


2. Carefully remove the shapes from the perforated sheet. Set the two fins and mouth to the side for now. 


3. Flip the white plate over and let’s paint some scales! Your child can be as creative as they’d like - let them decide which colors to use and how to paint. If you’d like a little more direction, follow along with this painting technique! Start by painting a series of square dots with the blue paint.


4. Clean the brush and do the same with the white paint. Overlap the white square dots on top of the wet blue dots. This will create a luminescent effect! Continue the same painting technique with the black paint - use sparingly, a little black paint goes a long way! 


5. Time to add the final touches to Shy Fish. Glue the fins on either side of the plate


6. Lastly, glue the mouth and googly eyes on the center of the plate…


7. Shy fish is camouflaged and ready to venture around sea! 


Check out the blog on how to create Glamour Fish next! Shy Fish could use a friend to play with in the water. 


You can also follow along with this video instructions for Shy Fish: 


There’s more fun and creative paper plate craft animals to be created! Order the Paper Plate Craft Kit! This is a fantastic gift to give your young ones that will keep them entertained for hours while encouraging creativity and wonder! 



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