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Paper Plate Turkey

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for a fun way to introduce animals to your toddlers and preschoolers? The Paper Plate Craft Kit showcases 9 different animals and the steps range in skill level. The paper plate turkey activity even includes painting! Grab an apron for your little artist and let’s create! 

🦃 Turkey Fun Facts

Turkeys have an array of feathers to help with protection and keep them warm. Not to mention, feathers help with aerodynamics for turkeys to fly! Not as high up in the sky as other birds but they can lift off the ground. Did you know? Adult turkeys have 5,000 - 6,000 feathers! 

How to make a Paper Plate Turkey

1. Open the turkey plate envelope from the kit and you’ll find instructions and a sheet of perforated shapes. Punch out the shapes and set those aside for now. You’ll also have a paper plate, googly eyes, glue, paints, cotton balls, and brushes in the kit too. 


2. Draw a line on the plate with a ruler (or estimate it!) a little lower than halfway down the plate. The bigger half will be used for the shape of all the turkey feathers. 


3. Time to paint! Open the yellow, green, and red paint containers and grab three cotton balls. Use one color per cotton ball to dap on the plate to paint the feathery texture!


4. Overlap the colors to really fill in the space! Let your little artist be creative! There are no right or wrong ways to paint on the feathers. TIP: To fill in the colors evenly, try using a radial method by dabbing glue from the center out to the edges. 


5. While the feathers are drying glue on the body of the turkey on top. The glue and the paint will help keep the body in place. 


6. Add the details next to bring Turkey to life! Glue the yellow beak, red gobbler, and googly eyes. Remember to make sure to bend the yellow diamond shape into a beak. 


7. Turkey is complete! He’s the perfect art display to have up for the holidays. 


Watch how to put together the Turkey Paper Plate in the video below:



From painting to pasting, there’s a craft in this kit that fits any time schedule. Want to spend more time working on details and refining your craft? Go for the Turkey and Shy Fish project! Or take out the stress of decision-making and have your child choose which one they’d like to make from the Paper Plate Craft Kit! Purchase by clicking the button below:

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