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Peacock Handprint Craft

They are beautiful and majestic, dressed to the nines to attract a mate, it’s the peacock! If you are looking for an activity to review the colors of the rainbow with your preschooler, this is the perfect craft for you both! This peacock’s colorful feather crest will make learning fun! 

Peacock Fun Facts 🦚 

Did you know - all peacocks are male! That’s right, peacocks are male birds with beautiful, colorful feathers. Their female counterparts are called peahens! They are either brown or white. 

How to Make a Handprint Peacock

1. Select the Peacock envelope from the Handprint Craft Kit and pull out the perforated sheets. You’ll also need two googly eyes and the glue stick from the kit.  


2. Carefully remove the shapes from the perforated sheets. Organize the shapes by hands and body parts. 



3. Let’s create the body first. Stack the two blue circular shapes, the smaller one on top of the head. Glue to secure. 


4. Time for the regality! Attach the hand prints as feathers by gluing at the bottom of the hand and sliding them under the body. TIP: Here’s your opportunity to review colors! Why not make a game of it? When gluing each handprint color, ask your preschooler what color it is and to name another item that matches that color. What else is the color red? An apple! 


5To give our handsome peacock more definition and a 3D effect, add the cream shape on top of the body and the white small circle on top for the glare.  


6. Let’s add the beak! Pinch the orange diamond shape in half and glue the backside of the shape. Add to the face of the peacock.


7. Finally, add the feet and the eyes to Peacock. He looks so dapper! 


Take a look on how to create the handprint peacock from start to finish!



Handprint Crafts for Kids

To make the other tropical animals and many others, consider purchasing the Handprint Craft Kit. Little to no mess and all parts of the kit are included, even the googly eyes!   

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