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Pipe Cleaner Carnation

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

Carnations are one of the most popular flowers in floral arrangements and is a must for our pipe cleaner flower bouquet. Pipe cleaner crafts are fun and easy for children of all ages. And this flower craft is stunning to look at and a joy to create! 

Flower of the Gods 

Did you know? Carnations scientific name is Dianthus Caryophyllus from ancient Greece. Dianthus is an ode to the Greek god Zeus (Dios in Greek)! It’s no wonder why the ancient Greeks would commonly wear carnations in ceremonial garlands and floral crowns. 


How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Carnation:

1. You’ll need to grab scissors, a green pipe cleaner, and  three pink pipe cleaners - or which ever color you prefer! Pink carnations symbolize love and gratitude. 

Pink carnation pipe materials


2. Cut all three pink pipe cleaners in half. Use a ruler if you’d like! But you can always fold in half and cut on the bend. Cut your green pipe cleaner in half if you would like a short stemmed carnation. 

Cut all pipe cleaners in half


3. Gather the pink pipe cleaners together and pinch in the middle. Take one of the green pipe cleaners and twist around the center of the pink pipe cleaners to hold in place. Twist it tight! We don’t want any loose petals!  

Twist green pipe cleaner around the center of pink pipe cleaners.

3. Now the fun part! Form a spiral with the end of each pink pipe cleaner. This makes the petals! Your carnation will have a lot of volume with this technique. 

Curl the ends of the pink pipe cleaners to form the petals


4. From the other green pipe cleaner into a leaf. The easiest way is to make a loop and pinch the middle of the loop to create a tear-drop leaf shape.

Form a leaf with the second green pipe cleaner

5. Attach the leaf to the stem by twisted the two ends around the stem. Twist the leaf to the stem

6. The beautiful carnation is complete and adds a nice addition to our vase of pipe cleaner flowers. A great pop of color! 

Add carnation to pipe cleaner floral vase

Watch this video to see how quick and easy this pipe cleaner crafts is to make! Order your own Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit to receive the manual of 21 craft activities and an assortment of all the colored pipe cleaners you could think of! 

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