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Pipe Cleaner Chameleon

Bring the kids together with a fun activity they are sure to enjoy! Design a cute animal while practicing fine motor skills with your young ones. Chameleons are famous for changing their colors quickly and in a variety of hues. Why not create the chameleon pipe cleaner in several different colors!?  Follow along with the instructions and check out the video below to see Chameleon come together! 

How do chameleons know what color to change to? 🎨

Chameleons know how to change in several different colors but not always to camouflage. Chameleons change colors to express how they are feeling and if there is a change in temperature and light!  

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Chameleon:

1. Start by gathering your materials. Choose a color, like purple! You’ll need three purple pipe cleaners, googly eyes, scissors, and a pen (or pencil). 


2. With pipe cleaner #1, cut down to create the chameleon legs - two pieces and 3 inches. Fold the two pieces into upside-down letter V’s.


3. We’ll create the body of Chameleon with pipe cleaner #2. Coil the pipe cleaner around a pen and slide it off when complete.  


4. Pipe cleaner #3 will be the head and tail! Curl one end of the pipe cleaner into a swirl but leave a long stem. The swirl can be 3 - 4 rings wide. 


5. Time to assemble! Insert the stem of pipe cleaner #3 into the coil. 


6. Secure the legs into the mix by weaving each pair into the coil and around the stem. Bend the bottom of the legs up at a 90-degree angle to create the feet. 


7. Finishing touches: pinch the head so it is slightly pointed at the end and add googly eyes with glue dots. Curl the tail up! 



Chameleon is beautiful and he is ready to find his friends. What color chameleon will you make next?


Take a look at how to make Chameleon with this short video!

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