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Pipe Cleaner Lollipop

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

It’s a sweet trip to the candy shop! Better yet, make your own pipe cleaner look-alike lollipop that will last much longer than the real one. Following along and enjoy making this easy craft with your kiddos. 

Preschool Activity: 

There’s no better play than make-believe! Clear the living room and set up your own candy shop! Use boxes or flip over some containers to make a countertop. The store will be open once you’ve made an abundance of pipe cleaner lollipops 

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Lollipop 

1. Here are the materials you’ll need - two colorful pipe cleaners if your choice, a white pipe cleaner for the stick, and scissors.

Materials for Lollipop Craft

2. Cut the white pipe cleaner in half or use a ruler to measure to the 6-inch mark. 

3. Twist the two colorful pipe cleaners together by holding the ends with one hand and twisting with the other. Or better yet! Invite a friend and have them hold one end of the pipe cleaners while you twist! 

4. Let’s get to the swirl! Form a candy swirl by pinching the twisted pipe cleaner and curl till you get to the end. Pull and curl to form a tight curl and tuck the end to keep the circle shape in tact. 

5. Our candy needs a stick! Fold the white pipe cleaner in half and then insert it through the last ring of the candy swirl. Twist the white pipe cleaner together. 


6. Since you have an extra white pipe cleaner - might as well make a second one! 

7. Upgrade your faux lollipop with a classy cellophane wrap! You can use kitchen plastic wrap or a plastic sandwich bag like me! Simply cut the zipper mechanism off and cut along the seems to form two plastic squares.


8. Place your lollipop on top of the plastic and wrap it around the candy swirl. Secure the wrap with leftover bits of pipe cleaner from previous projects. TIP: If you haven't already, save the smaller pipe cleaner pieces as you use them for crafts! You may not need it then, but in moments like this, the disregarded pieces come in handy!


9. Enjoy playing pretend candy shop with your reusable (non-edible of course) pieces! Take a look at the video below to see how to create the lollipop from start to finish!

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