Pipe Cleaner Spider

Pipe Cleaner Spider

This itsy-bitsy spider is so adorable and easy to make. Your young ones will have fun twisting pipe cleaners into shape while learning about the famous arachnid - spiders! That’s right, no insect here. Spiders are a member of the arachnid family since they only have two body segments, unlike insects which have three. Scorpions and ticks are arachnids too! Grab some pipe cleaners and let’s spin a web into the world of spiders! 


What is the Difference Between an Arachnid and an Insect? 🕷️

We know that arachnids and insects have a  different number of body segments, but what else is different? Well, arachnids have 8 legs while insects have 6 and arachnids don’t have antennas! What do these two species have in common? They both have exoskeletons that act like armor to protect them. 

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Spider

1. You’ll need two black pipe cleaners, googly eyes, a pair of scissors, and a pen. 


2. Let’s trim the pipe cleaners down to size! Fold and cut, or measure with a ruler, and cut the pipe cleaners in half. 


3. Bundle the pipe cleaners together like a bouquet of flowers! Then hold it from the center and wrap it tightly around a pen. The ends of the pipe cleaner should be seen from both sides. 


4. Curve and curl each leg down to form the spider. HINT: Trim the ends to make each leg even. Your spider will stand up better on its own!


5. Did you know? Most spiders have 8 eyes! But for our little furry guy, let’s attach two googly eyes to his body. 


6. Spider is complete! Have fun finding new places for him to watch the world from, such as a window sill or on top of a bookshelf.



Watch how to make spider from start to finish!


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