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Pipe Cleaner Star Wand

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids: Star Wand

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how I wonder what you are? If your little one is feeling magical and needs the perfect wand to go with their creative imagination then this is the craft for you! Follow along on how to make a pipe cleaner star wand. 

Did you know?

Although we commonly see stars twinkling at night, there is one huge one that we always see during the daytime. That’s right, the sun! Our sun is a yellow dwarf star. This means it is the largest of the dwarf stars (larger than brown dwarf stars and red dwarf stars) but very small compared to giant stars, supergiant, and hypergiant stars. Our sun is over 4.5 billion years old and one day will become a red giant star! 

How to Make a Star Wand

We’ll make two different types of wands, a larger one for your older kiddos and one for your younger ones. You’ll need two pipe cleaners for the larger one and one for the smaller one. Let’s start with creating the larger one first! 


1. Fold in half one pipe cleaner. This will help us keep symmetry when creating the points of the star. 


2. Take one end and create a zig-zag pattern from the middle. Make two peaks to the left, not including the center one. The peaks should be roughly an inch tall. 


3. Repeat and do the same to the right side. Two zig-zag peaks from the center created a total of 5 peaks. 


4. Twist the two ends together, you’ll start to see the star-shaped form! 


5. Adjust the points and sides as needed to create your star. We want it balanced but it’s ok if it’s not perfect! No two stars look the same. Now that we’ve created a star, take your second pipe cleaner and fold halfway through the bottom of the star. Twist the halves together to create your wand handle. Presto! Your wand is complete! 


Mini Star Wand: 

What about the smaller version? How do you make that one? Follow the same steps as above but bend your pipe cleaner so the peaks are less than half an inch tall. You’ll have plenty of access pipe cleaner to form the handle! 


Enjoy making this craft? Create more simple pipe cleaner crafts with your toddler with the Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit! There are more magical crafts to make! 

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