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Paper Cup Craft: Rockstar Raccoon

Easy Craft for Kids

Known as the midnight bandit, this quirky animal is awake when most are asleep. Raccoons are nocturnal animals and scavengers. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find your trash tampered with in the morning; the raccoon may have been craving a midnight snack! Learn more about raccoons while creating this fun craft with your preschooler. Download the FREE template and let’s make this Rockstar Raccoon!


🦝Raccoon Fun Fact

Did you know? Raccoons are very intelligent creatures. Their IQ’s are very close to monkeys, primates, and humans! They are extremely clever and are constantly evolving their way of thinking. 

How to Make a Paper Cup Raccoon:

1. Once you’ve printed the free template, carefully cut each shape out. You’ll also need a cup and googly eyes. If you are creating this craft with a young one, cut out the more difficult shapes and monitor as the child cuts the simple shapes, such as the tail.

Materials for Racoon Craft


2. Take the cute paws of the raccoon and fold along the highlighted section. You’ll do the same for the ears. 

Fold the along the highlighted line of the paws and ears


3. Decide on how you’d like the shape of your raccoon. Cup flipped up or down? Either works! Glue the face details: mouth, eye circles, and googly eyes on top. Then glue the ears on top, paws on the bottom, and tail in the back. 

Glue the details on the cup


4. Your raccoon is ready to go on an evening adventure! 

Complete raccoon craft


What else can I make with a paper cup? Explore the other preschooler crafts with the Paper Cup Craft Kit! You’ll have 16 amazing activities to choose from. Cups and googly eyes included!

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