Spy Kit for Kids

Secret Spy Message Shooter

Spy Kit: Mission 6 

CALLING ALL AGENTS: In this experiment, we will use the stealthy and strong power of air to send secret messages from one place to another. Think of it as an elevated sling shot for sending messages! Take a look at how to make a pair of Secret Message Shooters! 

Code Name AIR

Air is a substance that is all around us. It seems invisible, but isn’t. Have you ever seen the wind blow trees or grass? What you see is air moving from one place to another! Air is made up of tiny molecules and when they band together, they pack a whole lot of POWER. We will use the power of air and force to transport our secret messages. 

How to Make a Secret Spy Message Shooter: 

1. You will need 2 plastic cups and 2 balloons from your spy kit. Then from your home, grab a pair a scissors. You’ll also need your secret message ready for send-off! 


2. Carefully cut the bottom of each cup with your scissors. Trim up the sides to remove any jagged areas - we don’t want the balloon to get punctured let alone cause harm to yourself! 



3. Tie a knot at the end of each balloon as if it were blown up (but keep this one deflated). 


4. Cut off the top part of your balloon roughly a quarter inch from the top and discard that piece. 



5. Stretch the cut-off end of the balloon over the top rim of the cup and stretch it all the way down until it is tight across the top. The tighter the balloon, the more sending power your device will have!


6. Ready for take-off! Crumple or fold your message and place it inside the cup.


7. Hold the cup firmly and point the open end toward your Secret Agent Partner. Safety First! Always aim near but not direct at another person! Use your other hand to pull the knotted end of the balloon away and release it quickly!


8. Repeat the steps above to make a Message Shooter Device for your Secret Agent Partner. You can send messages across the room swiftly.


Check on the video to see the message flying through the air after assembly! 


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