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Snail Pipe Cleaner

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

Bring the kids together with a fun activity they are sure to enjoy! Design a cute animal while practicing fine motor skills with your young ones. The snail pipe cleaner snail is charming and makes the perfect play toy afterward. Follow along with the instructions and check out the video below to see Snail come together! 

🐌 Sleepy Snails

Did you know? Snails can sleep for long periods of time - up to THREE YEARS! Snails need time to regenerate mucous (snail slime!) and stay moist in order to survive. If the atmosphere is too dry, the snail will go into hibernation for as long as it takes to regain moisture! 

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Snail

1. For this craft, you’ll need four pipe cleaner (two of each color), scissors, googly eyes, and glue dots that are included in the craft kit. 


2. Cut one of the blue pipe cleaners in half. Feel free to use a ruler if you are practicing numbers with your kiddo! 


3. Create a swirl with all three blue pipe cleaners: two small swirls and one large swirl. 


4. Repeat that step with the yellow pipe cleaners but leave about an inch left at the ends. It’ll look like two commas! 


5. We’ll assemble the snail by creating a swirl sandwich! Place the large blue swirl in between the yellow swirls. Secure in place with the glue dots. 


6. Add the smaller blue swirls on either side of the yellow swirls. Also, secure with glue dots. 


7. Can you start to see the snail? If we prop our creation so far on its side with the two yellow pipe cleaners up, you can see the shape of the snail! Let’s create the eyes for the finishing touches. 


8. Curl the yellow ends around and to the side. Use the glue dots to attach the eyes on top of the yellow curls. 


9. Snail is ready to explore the garden before hibernating! Which plant does he like the best?

Watch how to create the Snail Pipe Cleaner from Start to Finish!

Create Snail and other fun animals with the Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit! The perfect gift to give a creative and curious young one.

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