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Spy Kit for Kids: Mission 1 - Making a Cover

Spy Kit for Kids


Welcome to the inside world of secrets, science, and espionage! You are about to learn some tips, techniques and lingo of the world’s top-secret agents. Missions can be solo but more fun with a spy partner!

Fun right? This is a great STEAM craft kit for you and your kiddo or with their friends. Open the kit, find the Mission 1 envelope and let’s create a secret cover, including a code name and disguises.   

The first page explains how to create your very own code name. The name’s Rider…Wonder Rider. And my pal who will be helping me  today is Frida, I mean Night Kobra. What’s your code name?

Spy Kit with activity book, paper disguises

Paper Disguises:

1. Let’s jump right in to the paper disguises, you’ll make a bowtie, mustache, and glasses. You’ll also need scissors and glue (or use the glue dots in the kit).

Create your own secret cover, paper disguises


2. Choose a bowtie! There are so many colors to choose from. You can also cut out ones to make hair bows. It’s up to you! 

Bow Tie Paper Disquises


3. Select your mustache. Something distinguished…

Mustache paper disguise


4. Time for some glasses, choose your favorite style. When you cut out the arms of the glasses, make sure you have one in each direction. The inside of the glasses can be tricky to cut out. I recommend folding the frame in half, cut a slit large enough to fit the blade of the scissors in. Open the fold, insert your scissors and cut to the inside edge for the frame. It’s a lot easier this way! And safer than trying to poke a hole.

Glasses paper disguise


5. Fold the ends of the arms along the crease and apply glue. Flip the glasses upside-down and attach arms to the frame. 

Assembling glasses paper disguise with glue


6. Frida is ready to transform to Night Cobra! I used a bit of masking tape to hold her mustache up. The bowtie can be pinned with a safety pin or paper clip. 

Complete paper disguise set


TIP:  Do you have string or yarn laying around? Attach the edge of the mustache with yarn and then attach the yarn ends to your glasses. The mustache will dangle from your nose as you where the glasses! 


Spy Kit Activity Book:

Now that you and your partner are dressed to the nines, check out the activity book that came with the kit. There are so many fun things such as riddles, mazes, crosswords, and more! Great to take on the road for the next family car trip. 

Spy Kit Activity Book, mazes, word puzzles


What is the best spy kit?

This Spy Kit includes fantastic STEAM activities that will enhance your young ones critical thinking skills and adventurous creativity. This spy kit for kids includes 55 activities with 15 missions!

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