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Spy Kit for Kids: Mission 2 - Code Wheel

Spy Kit for Kids


Let’s crack open Mission 2 of the Learn & Create Spy Kit! In this mission, we’ll create a Code Wheel, also known as a Cipher Wheel or Alberti Disk. Where does this invention come from? While working as a secretary for Pope Nicholas V in 1467, Leon Battista Alberti invented the code wheel to create secret messages. A jumbled-up message may look like rubbish, but for a person who also has a cipher wheel - it is the key to unscrambling the note!


Materials for Spy Kit Activity:

You’ll need the sheets of code wheels (start with two first), plastic push-pins, and scissors.

Create your Code Wheel:

1. With scissors, carefully cut around each ring along the outside. Cut out another set for a friend to decipher your message! The more your spy team grows, the more code wheels you’ll need which is why there are extra.


2. Once the circles are cut-out, you'll need to insert the plastic push-pins through the middle of the circles. A hole punch works the best, but you can always use a pair of scissors by folding each circle in half and cutting a slit in the middle. 

Sandwich the circles together by inserting the push-pens together. Turn righty-tighty!


Changing the Code:

The secret code can change each time you use it if you like by simply changing what A will equal. The whole alphabet will become a new code! Or better yet...create your own symbols for each letter!

🔎Decipher and Decode Activity Page

Are you stuck on the activity page? Let’s do this one together! 

1. Turn the inside ring of your decoder so the inside L matches the outside A. Now take a look at the first question. What is the British CIA called? The first letter to the answer starts with H. Locate the H on the outside circle. What letter is underneath it? Write it down!



3. Without twisting your decoder circles, let’s look up the next letter. The second letter to the answer is T. Find T on the outer circle and which letter corresponds with it below? E, that’s correct! 

 We think you’ve got the hang of it now! Complete the answers to the remaining questions. Question#3 is using a new key. Make sure to twist your decoder rings so the inside X matches the outside A! 


What is the best spy kit?

To solve more Top Secret missions, check out the Spy Kit from Learn & Climb! There are 55 TOTAL activities! Your kiddo can complete some missions solo or invite a friend as a secret accomplice. 

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