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Spy Kit: Mission 4

Spy Kits for Kids!

CALLING ALL AGENTS: We have another mission to complete! Passing secret codes is essential for espionage and the Mission 4 envelope has THREE activities! Parents, you’ll love the STEAM crafts in these activities. 

Spy Kit Materials:

Mission 4 has three activities and you’ll also need a pair of scissors and something to write with. 

Mission 4 Contents


Grid Code Message:

1. Use the grid to solve the secret message on the back of the page! The secret code consists of two numbers; the numbers equal a letter. 

Grid Code Message


2. For this code, we’ll follow the grid vertically and then horizontally - columns to rows!

Follow row by column


3. For example, find letter A. This letter’s number is 11. We know this by finding 1 in the column and 1 on the row. Let’s try another! What letter corresponds with 12? B! The letter B is located in row 1 column 2

4. Now let’s see if we can decipher the message. We just need to remember row by column! 

5. The first number is 22. With our chart, go down two and over two. The letter is G! Can you figure out the rest?

Folding Secret Message:

1. This is my favorite secret message technique. I’ll demonstrate using the example message which I’ll cut out. 

Sample for folded secret message


2. Once your paper is cut out, fold it in half with the front facing you. Hold the paper so the pages are up and the crease is down. Take the first page and fold it down toward you and line up with the crease. The encrypted message is readable now! 

Fold paper in half and accordion fold top sheet down


3. Let’s try another. Using the template on the page, repeat the steps above. Once the paper is folded all the way, write your secret message on the surface. Be sure to write in the middle of the crease! 

Create a folding secret with the template

Write your secret message over the crease

4. Unfold the paper - your message will look skewed. Perfect! Let’s make it look even more confusing by adding more lines and shapes that stem from the broken letters. 

Unfold and add lines and patterns from the stem of the letters

Decode by Moving the First Letter:

1. Our final activity is great when you need to send a secret message fast! Take a look at this encrypted message… Do you notice anything interesting other than the words being scrambled?

Decode by moving the first letter


2. Let’s crack the first word together. It’s a four-letter word…have you figured out the pattern? That’s right! The last letter should be the first letter of the word. EETM is the word Meet!

Decode by moving the first letter

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