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Spy Kit: Mission 5

Spy Kit for Kids

CALLING ALL AGENTS: New coding method is underway. Quickly open Mission 5 envelope from the Spy Kit and let’s begin! Today’s mission is all about braille - we’ll uncover some history with Louis Braille and how this form of communication is used among people with vision impairments today. And although we wont be reading braille by touch, we’ll learn the system and patterns. 


What is Braille?

Braille is a system of reading and writing. It was developed (and named after) Louis Braille of France. Braille is a series of raised dots to symbolize letter for people who are blind and visually impaired to read. The reader will use their fingertips to lightly touch the sets of the raised dots. 

Louis Braille, the creator of a tactile alphabet for those with vision impairment


Using the Braille Alphabet:

Page two of Mission 5 shows the Braille alphabet, numbers, sounds, and more! Braille uses small cells containing 2 columns of 3 vertical dots in a pattern. Let’s see if you can decode the message but finding the corresponding dot pattern.

Braille alphabet system

Decode the message


Think you’ve got the hand of it? Let’s try creating our own secret message. Page 3 has blank rectangle cells for each letter and/or symbol. Let’s start with a simple phrase for practice. 

 Try writing your own message using the Braille alphabet

The first letter of my phrase starts with the letter H. Look at the Braille alphabet chart. The letter H is three raised dots, the first and second dot in the first column and the the second dot on the second column. See if you can successfully write the Braille pattern for the phrase “Hello Agent”.

Use the Braille alphabet to create the phrase "Hello Agent"

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