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Tropical Animals: Handprint Frog

Rrrrribbit!! Frogs live all over the world including in the tropics. These amphibians absorb water through their skin which is why they often look dewy. We’ve got a fun activity for your kids that’s all about frogs! This handprint craft is perfect for younger children working on fine motor skills. From the Handprint Craft Kit, the frog it on the larger side which works great for those small hands. 

🐸Fun Facts:

Frogs are known for their unique sounds and jumping strength. Did you know? Frogs can jump over 20 times their body length?? 

Let’s Hop to It! 

1.This craft comes with three pages of shapes. Carefully remove the perforated shapes from each page. 

TIP: Keep the pages as a tracing template for other activities! Your kiddo can reuse them to practice drawing shapes or to create a second frog from construction paper. 


2. Let’s glue the frog legs first. Take the two green hands and flip them upside-down. Add glue to the hand itself and slide it under the body of the frog. This technique helps conserve excess glue. 


3. I have got eyes on you… Frog needs a proper set of eyelids for his 180° vision! Notice the lids have a gradient effect. If you’re a perfectionist, make sure the fade from each eyelid is going in the same direction. 


4. Frog is looking extra adorable with these eyes. Glue the black pupils next followed by the white gleam. The white circles give Frog different expressions, so play around with the positioning first before gluing.


5. Let’s image Frog has eaten his fair share of flies. Draw a satisfied smile to complete the look! 



Tropical Friends

Add Frog to your other handprint tropical animals. We have a nice set of friends!


TIP: Make this a cross-curricular activity! Have your child create a story using all three tropical friends. Are they going on an adventure? Where are they going and what challenges did they have along the way? You’re older kids can write the story while the younger can act it out using the handprint animals!

For more fun, take a look at the Handprint Craft Kit! It’s a one-stop craft kit with all the supplies included!


handprint crafts for toddlers,handprint crafts for preschoolers, handprint keepsake ideas, animal handprint crafts,


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