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Tropical Animals: Handprint Parrot

Handprint Crafts: Parrot

Parrots are one of the most popular types of birds due to their bright colorful feathers and uncanny ability to mimic sounds. This Handprint Parrot Craft is a great way to teach your kiddos more about tropical animals while learning about colors! Review the names of color while creating your parrot and for more advanced children, you can introduce a little color theory. What colors make green? Which colors are the primary colors? Science and art all rolled up in one!


🦜 Parrot Facts: 

Did you know? Parrots can live anywhere from 35 - 50 years old! That’s a long time! On a sadder note, many parrots are on the endangered animal list. This could be an important opportunity to discuss habitat preservation. Often, a difficult conversation, like this, may be best explained with art. The craft becomes a symbol of a valuable life lesson.

And Now We Create!

1. Let’s line up our beautiful parrot pages and carefully pull apart the perforated shapes. If your little one accidentally tears one of the hands - fear not! Assure them that it can be easily covered up. We’ll be layering these hands on top of each other, so it may not be seen.



2. Once you have all the shapes, retrieve one googly eye from your kit and have the glue stick ready to go!



3. Bring it all together with some glue! I like how the silhouette of Parrot’s body incorporates the beak. Makes it very easy to glue and place. Alternate the handprint feathers in any order you’d like! Here’s where you can hide the torn part of the hand; place it at the bottom or cover it with another. Take a look at my accidental tear with the blue hand - no harm no fowl!


5. Complete the look with a googly eye. The profile and animated eye make me laugh and looks straight out of an animated movie!


Tropical Friends

Monkey now has Parrot as a pal!  Create your own at-home tropical animal lesson plans with handprint animals.  Your kids will have so much fun creating, they won't realize they are learning at the same time!


To make the other tropical animals and many others, consider purchasing the Handprint Craft Kit. Little to no mess and all parts of the kit are included, even the googly eyes!   

Parrots Handprint Craft for Kids, preschoolers, elementary students, tropical animal activies

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