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Volcano Science Experiment 2

Dynamo Lab: Volcano Experiment 2

If you enjoy the first Volcano experiment from the Dynamo Lab kit, you will love this next one. This science experiment never gets old and did you know there are more ways than one to create an at-home erupting volcano? Your young scientist will enjoy conducting this experiment and will garner a fun conversation about comparing and contrasting. 

🌋Studying Volcanoes

What is a volcanologist? A volcanologist studies volcanoes! They know when volcanoes are about to erupt and are able to warn people to evacuate or clear the area. Sounds like an interesting career doesn’t it!

Volcano Experiment 2 - More Eruptions!

1. For this experiment, you’ll need the same ingredients as in experiment 1 but add dish soap! As are reminder you’ll need the following supplies from home: water, a plate, dish soap. From the kit, you’ll need the volcano base, baking soda, citric acid, a yellow measuring spoon, and a beaker. Place your volcano base on the plate - you’ll definitely need it for this one! 


2. Locate the creator hole at the top of the volcano. With the yellow spoon, scoop two large spoonfuls of baking soda and pour them into the hole. 

3. Next, add one large spoonful of citric acid to the baking soda in the creator hole and mix well. 


4. Fill the beaker with 15 mL of water. Pour one spoonful of dish soap into the beaker and stir until the soap is dissolved. And oops! I spilled! It may be helpful to have a plate under the beaker for this part as well…


5. Carefully pour the mixture from the beaker into the crater over the baking soda and citric acid. You won’t have to wait long until…


6. ERUPTION! What is different this time compared to Experiment 1? The lava looks frothier. Our mixture created a series of small eruptions versus the larger bubbly eruptions from the first experiment! 

Don't forget to check all sides of the volcano! Use your plate to turn the volcano around. Check it out!

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