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What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting Kits

What exactly is diamond painting? 

It's a cross between paint-by-number and beading! Diamond painting is a fun way to create colorful designs with craft gems. This fun technique includes a stylus pen, wax glue, and a tray. The other element to this illuminating craft? The image itself! All diamond painting activities include a sticky design page. Here's a completed diamond painting design:



A Closer Look: 

Wax Glue

Let's break down the process. Once you've peeled away the protective film of your design sheet, you'll need to prep your stylus. Don't worry it's not too many steps. Also remove the protective film from the pink wax and put to the side. Insert the stylus into the wax; you may have to puncture it more than once the first time.

TIP: Looks can be deceiving...a tiny bit of wax glue goes a long way!! You'll end up leaving wax deposits on your gems. Safe yourself the cleaning trouble. 



Picking and Placing the Gems

Your stylus will become sticky enough to pick up a gem. Place the gem in the desired section, it doesn't have to be perfect. If you've misplaced the gem, you can remove it and try again! 

TIP: Don't overfill your tray. It's easier to pick and choose gems if there is plenty of room, especially if the gems are upside-down. You can shake the tray side-by-side to flip them over. Which is the top? the side of the gem with a small plateau. It'll look like a circle! Your stylus will pick up this end much easier. 

What Diamond Painting Kit To Try First: 

I recommend The Diamond Painting Light kit as your first project. The surface design is not too intimidating and you have free range of color choices. Not to mention, the satisfaction continues long after you're done creating your piece. Check out the vibrancy of color the lamp gives off! 


Not to mention the iridescence designs that project from the ceiling. 


If your child has a hard time falling asleep, this just might do the trick. They'll take ownership of their beautiful artwork and fall into a peaceful slumber with this night light. 

Purchase your first Diamond Painting Light today. You'll fall in love with the craft. And good news, the kit comes with TWO design options for twice as much fun!

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