Snowflake Pipe Cleaner Winter Craft for Kids Toddler and Elementary Students

Winter Creations: Snowflake Pipe Cleaner

As the holiday seasons roll into town and the kids are home during school breaks, whip out some pipe cleaners where crafts are endless. And what better way to decorate the house in the winter than with snowflakes?! Cutting of pipe cleaners is required, so depending on your child’s skill level, you may need to prep first. The best part of this craft is that all age levels will enjoy it. Your older kiddos can go off script and create ornamental snowflakes while you can assist your youngsters by following the step-by-step instruction. 

What You’ll Need: 

Two long blue pipe cleaners, Scissors, Ruler (if you’re a perfectionist like me!)

Prep Work:

Your older children can help!

Cut one pipe cleaner into thirds and the other pipe cleaner into 8 pieces. LEARNING TIP: Take this opportunity to review fractions!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowflake?!

Absolutely! Gather all the kids for this next part!

1. Take the three longer pieces and fold to make the letter V. V for victory in making the snowflake base! Take two V’s and cross them together in the middle. The V’s are now make an X


2. Then with the last solo V, twist around the X. It will appear to be a 6-pointed star. 


3. What do you do with the mini cut pieces? Use these to attach at the end of the six points using the twist around method. Keep the remaining two for another snowflake! This is the step where your older children can really shine! Supply them with extra pipe cleaners to design a lace-like snowflake of their choice. 

(Thanks Dad for letting me use your scissors...)


4. Collect the snowflakes to display around your house. I recommend sprinkling them on your winter table centerpiece. The snowflakes are a beautiful pop of color against evergreens. 

Video Instructions:

Still need a little help? Check out this step-by-step demo!


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