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Winter Creations: Pipe Cleaner Icicles

If you are looking for a winter craft for your young children to encourage exploration and fine motor skills, pipe cleaner icicles are just the thing for you! It’s simple, no glue, no scissors  - essentially all the fun with no mess!  The trickiest part will be for your little one to wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil which is excellent muscle development for those small hands. Be sure to scroll to the end of this blog to see how you can take your kiddo’s masterpiece and create a winter centerpiece. 

Ice Ice Baby, Let’s Get Started!

1. Select a pipe cleaner of your choice! For a more traditional wintery look, I would suggest using different shades of blue. However, don’t let this hold you back from creating some edgy neon icicles! You’ll need a pencil, or a pen, to sculpt the pipe cleaners in a twist.

Gather a pipe cleaner and a pencil


2. Curl the pipe cleaner around the pencil to form a coil. Make sure this is nice and secure but doesn’t need to be too tight. Demonstrate the process first and then have your child mirror your actions. Good practice to scaffold instructions for your young artist!

wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil   


3. Carefully slip the coil off the pencil and you’re got it! Your very own icicle. The coil doesn’t need to be perfect, in fact, it shouldn’t be perfect like nature intended it to be! Experiment with stretching out the top of the coil for a variety of looks. Make as many as your heart contents!

   Create a variety of pipe cleaner icicles with multiple sizes and shapes

Creating a Winter Wonderland

Create a table or winter centerpiece with all of your pipe cleaner craft pieces.  Lay out a faux evergreen garland with perhaps an ornament or two. I went with an oversized sparkling bulb - it reminds me of snow. Then place your pipe cleaner snowflake, snowman, and dangle the icicles over the edge. The scene is set! Your child will feel proud and it'll undoubtedly bring a smile on your face.

Winter garland centerpiece with pipe cleaner craft pieces

Let's Make More!

Check out the many other pipe cleaner activities by purchasing the Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit. You'll receive a manual with all the winter creations and so much more! 21 crafts for ages 4 and up! 

Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit for Kids Toddlers Elementary Students
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