Pipe Cleaner Craft Snowman for Children, Elementary Students

Winter Creations: Pipe Cleaner Snowman

Look at Old Frosty go! This adorable snowman pipe cleaner craft will leave you and your children in the holiday mood. While the children are home from school during winter break, have this craft ready to go and spread the holiday cheer! Pipe cleaner crafts are made for multiple ages starting with younger children working on fine motor skills up to older kids and adults who are craving mind stimulants and creativity. Put on your favorite winter music and follow these steps on creating your own mini pipe cleaner snowman. 

Snowman Instructions

1. Here are the inner layers of our magical snowman. Start with one orange, one black, one red, and two white pipe cleaners. You’ll need a pair of scissors and grab a ruler for those kiddos who like to make things just right! Cut the black, red, and one of the white pipe cleaners in half.


2. Time to build a snowman! With the short white pipe cleaner, bend into a swirl and repeat with the long white pipe cleaner. Simply curl the end of the pipe cleaner and don’t stop till you reach the end!


3. Don’t forget Mr. Snowman’s nose! Estimate (or measure!) about 1.5” of the orange pipe cleaner and fold it in half to create the snowman’s nose.


4. What would a classic snowman be without his silk top hat? It’s a must! Cut the black pipe cleaner in half one more time to construct the hat. With one piece, fold the ends to create a boxy letter U. Turn it upside down and you have the hat form. Attach this piece to the top of the smaller white swirl by looping the ends around the outer ring of the white pipe cleaner.  

Fold the other black pipe cleaner in half. 


5. Next, feed the now brim of the hat through the loops to the hat form. Twist the ends to stay in place. And while we’re at it, let’s plop that carrot nose right in the center of the swirl.


6. Final steps! Find the tail end of the larger white swirl and attached it to the head of the snowman by twisting it around the outer ring. Style your snowman by taking the red pipe cleaner and turning it into a fabulous scarf. Mine’s swirling in the wind to the side! 

TIP: If you don't have googly eyes to add to your snowman, cut small pieces from a black pipe cleaner. You can insert them like you did with the carrot nose! 

What a dapper snowman to add to our Winter Creations! Take a look at him in this in-progress centerpiece.

Snowman Pipe Cleaner craft piece in evergreen centerpiece


Video Demo

For those who need a little more guidance, check on the video and follow a long step-by-step!



Think of all the possibilities your children can make with pipe cleaners! Check out the Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit and explore the 21 craft activities. A wonderful holiday present for the whole family. 

Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit Snowman
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